Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Outside a classroom door.

I attempt to lock the door in case the monster inside wakes up and tries to escape. Each time I think the door has locked I try the door and it opens.

I imagine the door being pulled open by the monster.

The door locks.

I go to bed.

The next morning I unlock the door.

The monster has turned into an old man in a long coat with a mustache. Music that I left for the monster the night before plays on a reel-to-reel.

The man smiles.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


In the passenger seat of a car. A woman is driving.

It's sunny. I blow smoke through the open window. A woman on the sidewalk takes my photograph.

"I've forgotten my shades," I say.


In a garden. Crocuses are blooming and it is sunny, but there are still patches of snow in the bed.

Three men. One says they must blind themselves. He takes out the eyes of the other two men, then tells them he too is blind, but he does not remove his eyes.

I am the man. I pretend I cannot see.

At a London Underground station with Jason and a stranger. Jason buys all three tickets. They are 1.40 each. We discuss their value. Jason asks about buses. I say they are cheaper but take longer.

Six Of One

By a road. A bus blows a tire and rolls down an embankment.

I reach the bus. Six people stand at the back. The driver is a friend of mine. He is dead.

Sunday, February 28, 2010


In Italy working for Ferrari F1. At a FOTA meeting and there is conflict between the teams. Despite being new, I give an impromptu speech about the points system and how it should favor the fastest car. There is applause, but half the people have left.

Walking through a building. The corridor is annoying with frequent steps, three down followed by a short landing, then three up.

I am told there is a talk. I say "my Romance languages are rusty."


Loading an audio cassette. It gets stuck in the door of the machine. I get it out, but part of the door has cracked.

Introduced to a UMKC English professor by Janelle. He wants me to act in a play. I tell him I do not have time.

Jumping through my front door into the yard.


In a hotel. A boxer with special powers.

A visitor comes at night. I greet the visitor.

I am the visitor. Two women instruct me on how to take Catholic Mass.

A bald American drives up in a sports car.

The boxer gives me a twenty-five and a ten pound note to look after.

More Bears

With Mike and a girl. We are trying to light cigarettes in the wind, but the lighter keeps blowing out. Mike gives the girl a small container of liquid. She puts some on her lips to make the cigarette light faster. The light is passed from one person's lips to another.

Going to the 13th floor in a crummy elevator to see Connie. There is a mother bear with a young bear.

Inside Facebook

In my house. I hear voices outside. I look out the window and see four young men between my house and 1032. I think they are trying to break in so I go upstairs to get my phone.

They break in.

They abduct me, but then I join them. In a post-apocalypse world we go on food raids.

I have a room in a house that includes a conference room and a common dining area. The people sharing the house are activists. We are living inside Facebook.

My computer responds to my voice. It talks back. We have a psychic/telekinetic link.

I tell a woman about my computer, but I am not sure she understands. A man starts talking loudly over us. I ignore him. He assumes I am deaf and signs.


With a female zombie. She starts very young and blonde, then gets older and turns brunette. She tells me one day she will occupy my body. A male zombie joins us.

When the female zombie tries to occupy my body she dies because I am already a zombie.

I go back in time to tell myself as a child not to do this transfer.

Living in Dracula's Castle. I am greeting guests including one named Lind. I address the guests with German names in German.

I sense a presence which eventually reveals itself as David, a young boy. He will occupy my body.

I try to kill the zombies by throwing zombie bombs at them. The bombs are packets of soy sauce and mustard from a Chinese restaurant.